young boy playing table cricket ireland
  • Table cricket is a programme run by Leinster Cricket. A very fast growing sport, it enables children with special needs to participate in a competitive activity. An adapted version of cricket, it’s played on a table tennis table. 
  • Lord’s Taverners Ireland makes a major contribution to the cost of this Cricket Leinster programme that is run in schools across Leinster.  
  • Alongside the enjoyment of playing and competing, table cricket has been shown to develop teamwork and social skills among players. It  also helps coordination and cognitive skills. 
  • The game is played by young people with both learning and physical disabilities. It enables young people to understand tactics, draw the best out of team players and to build a social life. 
  • Lord’s Taverners Ireland is proud to support this programme ensuring that young people in schools will always have an opportunity to get involved in team sports.  

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