Sadbh Ni Laoghaire's tricycle by lord's taverners ireland
  • Sadbh was diagnosed with Myelomeningocele, a severe case of Spina Bifida. A neural tube defect in which the bones of the spine do not completely form resulting in an incomplete spinal canal. 
  • A keen rower, Sadbh’s ambition is to compete at competition level in regattas. An important component of her training is building her aerobic volume through cycling however, due to her disabilities this has not been easy or often possible. 
  • Sadbh’s father reached out to the Lord’s Taverners Ireland to seek their support in the funding of a recumbent tricycle. On reviewing her application, the charity recognized Sadbh’s passion and goals in sport and wanted to help. 
  • Since receiving her trike, Sadbh has been training towards her goal of competing and has even used it on a family summer holiday as they cycled the Mayo Greenway. 

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