In June this year we saw the first ever inter-school Primary School Competition in Leinster for Table Cricket. We were extremely proud to get this off the ground as it was due to happen back in March 2020 when covid hit.

For those that don’t know what table cricket is, it’s an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table (or similar size table) and specially designed to give young people with a disability the chance to play and compete in the sport we all love. There are different scoring zones around the table and, just like in regular cricket, fielders have to be carefully positioned to prevent runs or to get the batter out. Teams of six take it in turn to bowl or bat, with the bowler using a ramp to deliver the ball (either a regular ball that runs true or a weighted one that swings around). The batter scores by hitting the ball into the scoring zones, avoiding the fielders if they can.

Well done to Esker ETNS (Lucan), Lucan East ETNS and St. Kevin’s Boys NS (Kilnamanagh) for participating. The schools all had table cricket sessions in the run up to the competition and we leant out our Table Cricket sets to the schools so they could train themselves in their own time. The sets have been provided to us by Lord’s Taverners Ireland and all of the sessions were supported by them and South Dublin County Council. As was the competition day. We provided the schools with support material as well: session plans that were created by Lord’s Taverners UK.

Each team of 6 played against each other in a 6 over match. Each player bats for one over and bowls for 1 over, taking turns so that all players get a turn. Table cricket promotes teamwork skills, helps students with their social cues, turn taking, numeracy and literacy skills as well as their coordination and fine motor skills. The kids all learnt the umpire signals for the scores and during the school sessions in the lead up some of the students took turns scoring. It was important for the kids to also learn about winning and losing.

While the competition day was about participation, we of course had to have a winning team! St Kevin’s BNS, Killnamanagh, came out on top after winning both of their matches.

While on the subject of table cricket we must pay homage to our charity partners, Lords Taverners Ireland (LTI). Thanks to them we have some lovely new bags from Ed Sports for our Table Cricket sets. Massive thank you to them and Ed Sports for doing such a lovely job with them. You can also see the lovely t-shirts from Ed Sports as well. Great to have branded kit to raise awareness of the charity.

Written by Cricket Leinster’s Development Manager, South LeinsteNaomi Scott-Hayward

See more about Table Cricket here on the Cricket Leinster YouTube Channel

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