Lord’s Taverners Ireland are proud to continue their partnership with Cricket Leinster and the roll
out of their Cricket4All programme. Naomi Scott-Hayward, Development Manager, South Leinster
updates us on recent progress.

“Table Cricket in Leinster remains steady with over 230 children and young adults taking part in
sessions throughout 2023. As primary school blitz competitions and delivery with community groups
continues to strengthen, Cricket Leinster’s development team are now turning their focus towards
supporting the development of Cricket4All programmes in clubs.

Cricket4All is an umbrella term which encompasses three main programmes: Table Cricket, Adapted
Cricket and Walking Cricket. North Kildare CC and Balbriggan CC are exemplars for the cricket
community in this regard. Both providing Table Cricket and Adapted Cricket skills and games in their
club. Cricket Leinster have a number of other clubs working to set up such programmes for the off
season. We are calling all clubs to identify any current or potential club members in their community
who would benefit from any of the Cricket4All programmes to reach out to your local development
officer. To find out more about any of the programmes simply get in touch.

A significant step towards inclusive cricket was achieved earlier this year as the Cricket Leinster and
the Mayor of Fingal, Councillor Adrian Henchy launched Cricket4All Guidelines. The Guidelines are the
result of a collaborative effort between Fingal County Council and Cricket Leinster aimed at fostering
inclusivity and intergenerational engagement within the sport of cricket. The Guidelines were
developed following a joint initiative that piloted a multi-ability, intergenerational project in
Balbriggan and Skerries which saw the participation of 136 young people with disabilities and older
individuals over an 18month pilot ending March this year. The coaching provided during the project
created an environment where cricket became accessible to all, regardless of age or ability. A
pathway to inclusive participation is provided in this publication and is available in the documents
section of the www.cricketleinster.ie

Spread the word and let’s get more people accessing cricket programmes in their area”.

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