Lord’s Taverners Ireland were delighted to present Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf with two custom made handcycles at our recent Christmas lunch and Paul Ryan ensured that the boys received them in time for Christmas Day!

Thank you so much to their mother, Angie Benhaffaf, for the following beautiful words……

“I want to thank The Lord’s Taverners and all their supporters from my heart. Since Hassan & Hussein were (3) years old they have asked Santa for a bike & every year we failed to find a suitable bike for them due to them having only one leg & half a pelvis. It broke my heart every year to see a bike on their Christmas wish list & to every year not find them one as everything had two pedals. So last year the twins stopped asking Santa for a bike. It’s something every child gets and something so simple that we all take for granted. So yesterday when Paul Ryan appeared with two especially made Hand Cycles from the Lords Taverners the dreams of my two little boys came true. Their excitement & emotions were overwhelming for us to watch & we had happy tears as we watched them cycling up and down our road. The twins whole lives have been in hospitals and over 50 surgeries & yet they never let it define them, or hold them back. Instead they live every day to the fullest and with a smile and teach us all the truly important values of life. Thank you all for making the dreams of two very special little boys a reality- we are all so grateful xx love Angie ❤️”

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