Giving Young People, Particularly Those With Special Needs, a Sporting Chance!

Our Mission

  • To give young people with disabilities and special needs a sporting chance. We believe that sport and recreation are essential to development. We are passionate about helping to create more opportunities for young people to take part in these activities.
  • Young people with a disability are less than half as likely to take part in sport at least once a week than young people without a disability

Our Impact

We help to achieve this mission by focusing on two key areas and donating – minibuses, specially adapted where necessary and wheelchairs, sports and recreational equipment.

  • 18 minibuses donated
  • 24 Wheelchairs and sports bikes donated
  • 8 Sports clubs donated
  • €xxx raised since 2006

Latest News

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Lord’s Taverners Ireland is a charity for young people with disabilities and those with special needs.

Sport and recreation are essential and our mission is to give a ‘sporting chance’ to those in need and with disabilities.

We achieve this by focusing on two key areas and donating:


Specially adapted where necessary


Sports and recreational equipment

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Minibus, Wheelchairs and adapted equipment today

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