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Working with sports clubs, sporting organisations and individual appeals,  Lord’s Taverners Ireland aims to give young people, particularly those with additional needs a sporting chance with donations of a minibus or sports wheelchairs.

The overall criteria for the award of grants are laid down by the Board of Directors. The funding available each year for grants is also determined by the Board.  Through the Lord’s Taverners Ireland Foundation Committee, applications for grants are sourced from suitable charitable organisations. Applications received are reviewed and decisions made on the grants to be awarded. Applications are considered by the Committee on the basis of pre-determined policy guidelines.  Successful applications are required to make a self-help contribution towards the cost of the equipment to be provided.  The amount of the contribution will usually be in the order of 20% for equipment and 50% for a minibus.

Once a decision has been made by Lord’s Taverners Ireland to award a grant, the Board liaises with the chosen charitable organisation in relation to specifications and delivery.

If you would like to apply for a grant please review the below application forms: